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The software

VLx is a powerful, easy to learn and impressively fast software package for grid generation of environmental flows. VLx employs both elliptic and hyperbolic grid generation technology as well as interactive support tools. It is also an adaptive surface mesh generator that can automatically move, adapt and smooth grids on a given surface.

This combination of integration and fast algorithms allows to vastly accelerate the grid generation design process and leaves more time for flow analysis.

The APIs

Because of the "universality" of the technology developed, VLx also expands into several APIs that can fit your CFD application :

  • API for surface and volume re-meshing
  • API for hyperbolic-elliptic grid generation
  • API for interpolation from a set of iso-curves

For example, the gas industry use these APIs for moving grids during the CFD simulation of the growth of underground storage in salt cavities. The leaching process consists of injecting pure water in a salt layer, then withdrawing brine in order to create a cavity in the salt. Complex phenomena interfere during the process: forced convection due to pumping, natural convection due to salt dissolution on the walls, transport and deposition of non-soluble particules. The numerical simulations are performed by using a standard CFD code combined with VLx APIs.