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Moscow 2002

MIGAL for Phoenics version 1.82 has been introduced during the 9th Phoenics user conference. Since its first release in 2000 MIGAL for Phoenics has been improved for robustness. In particular, a new GMRES capability, new internal self-adjustments and new default parameters have been introduced to facilitate and extend users' control. To illustrate the new paradigm of this strongly coupled multi-grid algebraic solver and the large benefits that one can gain in using it, this paper firstly addresses the basics of the method. The velocity-pressure coupling, the multi-grid procedure, the ILU smoother as well as the momentum preconditioning technique and the GMRES accelerator are investigated. A second part is dedicated to the solver preformance and several laminar, turbulent, boyancy-driven and industrial flows are discussed regarding the global non-linear convergence efficiency of each case. For more information please download the PDF file of this paper.

Luxembourg 2000

During the 8th Phoenics users conference in Luxembourg MFRDC and CHAM introduced MIGAL for Phoenics version 1.62. For more information, in particular on the large speed-ups that MIGAL produces or on the memory-cpu strategy, please download the PDF file of the presentation.